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By clicking the "Register" button below, I indicate my agreement to the following statement: I understand that the Hereford Independence Day Parade is intended to be good old-fashioned family fun. I understand that I am responsible for the safe operation of my band, float(s), marching unit(s), display(s) and vehicle(s) if applicable, and that I am responsible for the safe conduct and overall safety of my companions and, to the extent of our control, that of other participants and persons watching the parade. I agree to exercise safety to prevent any persons watching the parade or other participants in the parade or any property along the parade route from being injured or damaged by our band, float(s), marching unit(s), display(s) and our companions. I agree to hold harmless all parade and festival organizers including the Hereford Zone Recreation and Parks Council, the Hereford Optimist Club, the Baltimore County Recreation and Parks Department, the Hereford Fire Company, and any and all persons involved with organizing, planning, sponsoring or operating the Hereford Independence Day Parade and Festival from any claims, liabilities or damages resulting from our band, float(s), marching unit(s), companions and display(s), including any legal expenses relating to defending against such claims, liabilities or damages.

All floats are FREE except political candidates. For more information call 410-236-3844 or email

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